East-West Special Force in Exercise

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Nandini Dash*

On May 11th, 2021 there was an east-west special force in exercise seen in camp Ainoura, Sasebo, Japan.

While there is an anti-Asian reprove drawing attention for many years, this joint exercise has a different tale.

Amphibian forces of Japan, France, and the USA together in the drilling which is named ‘ARC21’.

In the present context the history of the 3 partners are:

Japan – Two Asian countries, China and Japan are the second and third largest global economy respectively. Although they have improved trade relations, yet war history memory is still alive in storehouses. As the year 2020 marked 6 decades of the anniversary of the US-Japan Security treaty, The US Department of State website wrote “ U.S.-Japan Alliance is the cornerstone of U.S. security interests in Asia. The Alliance is based on shared interests”.

USA – according to focus-economics.com, by the year 2024 the USA economy will reach $25.3 trillion. Which signals to retain the rank of the first economy in the world. But the post-epidemic scenario might change the prediction. China’s balanced growing economy from uplifting 8 million above internationally defined scarcity line to increasing middle class showing the picture of a different narrative.

Yet, the US-China conflict is a well-known anecdote.

France – France Diplomacy mentioned that France- China’s Global Strategic Partnership’ included academic, cultural, and scientific exchanges. So, also this cooperation focused on gender equality and women’s participation.

But imbalance trade, EU and China sanctions over both European and Chinese personnel, and Xinjiang issue become the matters of contention.

France and Japan always maintained a good relationship. The treaty of Amity and Commerce signed between France and Japan in 1858 still has not gone sour.

France and the USA are strong allies against terrorism. To the French embassy website in the USA, the estimated expense in this direction is €35 million a year. Transatlantic cooperation between two countries in the sectors of education, economics, and culture is conspicuous.

This collaboration is not directly addressing emerging giant China but indicates that the east-west special force is in exercise.

*Nandini Dash(Author ( Glimpses of UN Days); Expanding Global Influencer; Copy Writer; Academician; Communicator; Counselor)

Maynter socials

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