President Joe Biden extends fast bid to undo Trump’s policies

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Elect President Biden planned to undo Trump’s border security policies, family separation, legal immigration and many others in his first two weeks in office.

By Rehan Rajput

President Biden first steps go about Human Rights, Immigration, Foreign Policy on some other key issues same as he once declared. In a New York Times interview, “When I am president, human rights will be at the centre of US foreign policy.” There are some promising accords between the ideas Biden has set out and the policies shadowed by the 1976-80 Democratic Jimmy Carter administration. This is a pleasing development, for no president since Carter has centred its foreign policy strategy on human rights in quite the identical way.

The Biden administration recently announced steps to address harm to thousands of families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border, expanding efforts to undo constant immigration policy changes over the Trump tenure quickly. President Biden outlined to sign orders on border security, family separation, legal immigration. Alejandro Mayorkas – nominated as a new administration Homeland Security secretary awaits Senate confirmation will make a task force on family separation. The task force will regularly report to the President and recommend steps to prevent such tragedies from occurring again,” the new administration said in a statement.

In the first hours of his presidency two weeks ago, Biden acted to stop construction of Trump’s $16 billion walls along the border and sent a far-reaching immigration bill to Congress, where lawmakers have long been stalemated between liberals looking to ease the path to U.S. citizenship and conservatives seeking to arise unauthorized immigration. Biden’s immediate focus is on the 3,100-kilometer southern border with Mexico, where Trump tried to keep thousands of migrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala from entering the United States.

The President used his first day in office to reverse multiple immigration policies that formed the foundation of his predecessor’s time in the White House, including the 2017 travel ban on people from several predominantly Muslim countries. Out of the Total 17 orders, memorandums and announcements shared on Wednesday; six dealt with immigration, mostly attempting to undo some controversial Trump-era policies.

Biden approved an executive order terminating the travel ban on citizens from more than a dozen countries, including Yemen, Eritrea, Nigeria and Sudan. The bar was imposed by former President Donald Trump when he first entered office. Criticized as a “Muslim ban” when it was first revealed, it eventually included some non-majority-Muslim nations. The step to repeal the ban has been praised by several civil rights organization, including the American Civil Liberties Union, which called the policy a “cruel Muslim ban that targeted Africans” mainly.

Rehan Rajput is a Political Analyst, Writer and TV debate panellist. He served as a Research Director at KRK Media & Research Pvt. Ltd. He has been successfully working as a Political Analyst for over the last 5 years with proven experience in Political Content Writing, Analysis & Debating over Indian & International Political developments.

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