Australian good functions(Australia budget issues)

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Australian good functions(Australia budget issues, national revenue, income, GDP per capita, budget per capita)

12. As we know Australia is a reach country with low population and successful banking systems. Their figures show Australia had fantastic growth in national income, although in last years they hide some economic challenges on behind of national currency. Australia budget in national currency in 2000 was 240 billion dollar. In last 2 decades they hadn’t contraction budget, except in 2008. This is obvious that it is for world economic crisis at 2008. In 2018 Australia national budget reached to 690 billion dollar, which it had 187.5% growth in comparison to last 18 year (in 2000).

13. Australian budget in U.S dollar shows the dark side of economy. In fact they can’t hide everything behind of national currency and banking systems. They are fully depend to world economic system because they export raw materials and import everything. Because of Australian dollar exchange rate against U.S dollar, their US dollar budget in 2000 was equal to 140 billion dollar. Due to their national currency Worth strengthen in last years, their budget reached to 520 billion dollar in 2012. This is proof that they pass international economy crisis via good number after 2008. In rest years, after 2008, they had fallen in US dollar budget, which that is raised from their national currencies exchange rate fallen against dollar. In 2018 their budget in U.S dollar was 500 billion U.S dollar. In fact they retrieved their own abilities and stay on high point of budget figures in compare to last years again.

14.Australian BPC (budget per capita), like their budget and national income flow had ideal growth in last two decades.  It was increased from $8,000 to $20,000 in 18 years. The normal growth rate of population along with high national income growth lead to BPC growing in Australia. As We Know BPC not just show the budget growth and it shows too budget situation in the framework of population growth in once index. Among the Anglosphere countries Australia has highest rank in BPC which it is raised from their land resources and efficient banking system.  Analyze of Australian GDP per capita and BPC figures proof that they had good control on their own challenges, which happened after 2008 and 2013.

15. B index or budget size index has interesting story in Australia. We have few countries in our list that their B index had increased flow, which one of them is Australia. At now their budget size index is 41.5 of 100. Budget size index is the sign of under review country BPC distance with the best and reasonable amount of BPC in the world. Their trend show us their B index had fallen in comparison to 2012 (near to 16%) and even last year, but they can grow up in comparison to last 18 year.  Presently, we can say they have a better situation at welfare issues in compare to last years and even their economy worked better than of Germany. Because they save population growth rate along with economic growth, although it is notable that Australia isn’t an industrial country and we cannot compare them with Germany in a reasonable framework.


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