United Republics in Islamic Resistance (URIR) or something like that

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United Republics in Islamic Resistance (URIR) or something like that

When we describe about resistance, this is obvious that a Strong and historical power as a player existed in permanent mode in one or some countries, which this is lead to make some native resistance streams as a reaction against them. In fact resistance as a reaction do not come up from free wills. Resistance as a reaction, made up from jailed wills that fighting for freedom. At now it seems that jailed wills, which consist of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other peoples of Middle East, decide to make new paradigm for fight against foreign powers and too radicalism in Middle East. Here, reasons does not matter and It seems that too, they fight not only for freedom, rather they try for define new geopolitics in Middle East that based on states unity. Maybe new paradigm will work based on common sovereignty via multi governments and in present assumption we can name it United Republics in Islamic Resistance (URIR) or something like that.

Groundwork for establishment

Poverty, government and other type of dependency to foreign powers, political influence, colonization in historical and modern forms.  Defense of Islamic injunctions, nationalism, regionalism, defense of citizen rights in economy and social issues and weaknesses in stand lonely against foreign powers, which all of previous matters is common pain of Middle Eastern countries, is the groundwork of URIR establishment.

Although for establishment of URIR, in addition to military networks, we need to social background and homogeneous, but it seems that on the axis of insecurity in middle east and Shia traditions it can be establish. Due to this order, this is obvious that other regional and non-regional players fighting against URIR establishment, but they must know any fighting or insecurity just can highlighting URIR establishment urgency. Because it is proof that this is not just raised from governmental necessities, in fact this is proof URIR social urgency.

Islamic solutions

Jihad or its civilization term that at now Iran axis named it “resistance” is the only functional way for standing against any aliens (such as non-Muslims and foreign states). This way need to some tools and permanent organs for guaranty of resistance efficiency and training enough human resources. Rohullah Khomeini as a philosopher and Islamic thinker, due to failure of last Islamic nations and other countries experiment on fighting with imperialism, make an organization that named it Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC).

IRGC for fighting against foreign powers define new borders, which this is bigger and deeper than of state borders. They are defined strategic borders that increasingly expand Battle Ground. For this reason nationalism is death poison for Islamic movement. In addition, for attract of regional and other like-minded people, in order to make non-national network, do not needed Iran supreme leader is Iranian citizen(due to Iran constitutional law ). Regardless of current form functionality, this is shows the Rohullah Khomeini thought about Islamic civilization that Ali Khamenei (supreme leader) strongly continue that way. This is shows united Republics in Islamic resistance can be form, because this form has comprehensive thought, along with executive non-national Arms, which in here IRGC and its Arms in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen make the URIR networks axis for resistance. They are at now understand that for reach to resistance purposes, they must control host states government and it seems that it will be happen soon.

Mixing republics, without dissolving

The experience of USSR are proof that control of a wide territory via high ethnically groups is impossible for making a civilization. URIR do not establish if do not respect for host internal government. URIR for establishment just need to have host state sovereignty, not full part of governance. If states sovereignty made up of common or one sovereignty, then their governments are inevitable to Unity and cooperation. I think IRGC and mobilization has enough power for Guarantees of make and save common sovereignty based on Islamic orders. In here this is not just slogan, everyone can see IRGC generals and network influence in Middle East.

The mixing of powers in a way that any states has private ground but stand against foreign powers in common, Guarantees performance and durability of URIR in Long terms. Then, I think if any union will be formed in the future, it is not a phenomena like Soviet Union. This is important that we know IRGC Arms in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen fight for their own self countries by order of supreme leader of Iran and it seems that this form of sovereignty is well-known for Shia people. Shia had some experiment about it on the history (in Safavid age), which that experience make it easy for URIR.

Opposite powers and challenges

The opposite powers that are not interesting for unity is too much, which we Can Divide them in 2 part. First part is internal opposition that most of them are nationalist and many of them named “agent of aliens” (in Islamic civilization fans view). Second part of oppositions consist various type of countries. In following we can have a summarize view about them.

  1. USA; in fact the main reason for URIR establishment is United States of America. U.S existence in Middle East and their policy for Arab States control, Rise up Shia thoughts, which it is the axis of resistance philosophy and its cultural foundation. Last time that this type of thought worked in Middle East, backed to Safavid Empire age, which expand Shia territory. On that time Iran and Shia fight against Europe powers (like Portugal in Persian Gulf). I see many similarities between these two times.
  2. Russia; Russia is neighbor of Middle Eastern countries and any political change in Middle East lead to make some political and economy Challenge for Russia. I think at now Iran make some profitable deal with Russia satisfying.
  3. Europe+UK; Middle East situations has straight effect on Europe situations. European are Middle East neighbor and Middle East resource (energy and raw materials) is vital for Europe. Also Middle East countries was sphere of influence for UK in the past. At now energy and economy of UK defended to stability in Middle East and even maybe they think that can come back to Middle East again.
  4. Sunni Arab countries like KSA, UAE and others are one of the other reasons for URIR establishment. Because one of the URIR goal is fight against radicalism in Islam. Also Arab countries is still hasn’t any democratic structures from the Republic countries view, then they must be correct.
  5. Turkey and Pakistan; in fact they are not opposition, fundamentally they are rival. Especially Turkey, which has a strong different culture in comparison to Iran and other neighbor countries. Turkey enough influence in in central Asia and qafqaz.
  6. Azerbaijan and Afghanistan: their fair is about maybe in a day, they must will attach to URIR territory, because of their ethnic groups material

Finally I must say maybe this is today just an idea, but this is obvious it has strong evidences, which we can see it in Middle East.


Maysam Araee Daronkola

Maynter socials

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