Governance challenges in Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia governmental weight index analysis)

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Governance challenges in Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia governmental weight index analysis)

8.As we said in Saudi Arabia political weight index analysis, they had big downfall in their own PW or political weight index, which some parts and reasons of their PW fallen back to A: KSA increasing flow in population and B: their fall in governmental weight index. KSA GW index in 2018 was equal to 18 of 100, which it’s located in lower point of their 20 years trend. Analyze of their GW components shows the main factor of GW fallen raised from their economic sector. In 2018 they had 105% downfall in GW index in comparison to higher point of GW, which it was 38 of 100 and it happened in 2012. On that year most of oil countries had fantastic growth in national income, because of high price of crude oil.

9.The main reasons of Saudi Arabia governmental weight fallen is: A.Increase of population without any reasonable relation with economic growth in Saudi Arabia

B.Oil price downfall

C.War with Yemen and spend the most part of national income for war and armament

D.Inappropriate growth in economy sector in compare to welfare state. In fact they play in a specific range and doesn’t any progress in last 20 years

E.Challenges in public policy making

F.Princess competition for power

G.The war between tradition and modernism in Saudi Arabia

10.CP or concentration of power, as represent of state authority shaped 45% of Saudi Arabia GW index in 2018. CP share almost swing around 45% of their GW index in last 2 decades and it’s sign of highlighting role of physical force in society management. Saudi Arabia is one of most human rights violators in the world and also freedom of expression has very bad situation in Saudi Arabia. Especially in last years, after bin Salman coming to power, political clashes was raise up in KSA. By attention to Saudi Arabia trends in economy,  it seems that they will have better situation in 2019 and CP share will has decline flow. Presently the key tools of KSA sovereignty is force and authority, and we must be patient for that till to what time they can continue present situation.

11.Δt or governance stability index share in GW body had increase flow in compare to 2000. This means is that their legitimacy had increase role-play in their sovereignty structure. In 2018 Δt share in GW was equal to 31% and it had downfall in comparison to 2017. Δt shows governance legitimacy among the people. As much as its share is higher, this is lead to easy management for government. Δt counting in a base of sovereignty age and its long age proof the present political system efficiency. Present Saudi Arabia political system is 86 years old and we can claim that this is one of the oldest sovereignty with stable position in the Middle East. Also Δt index shown the rule of law and anti-systematic corruption policy situation in countries.

12.B or budget size index as an economic component of GW or governmental weight index had very flexible role, via high fluctuate in GW index. The share of B index in Saudi Arabia GW index in 2018 was 24%, which it is located in lowest point in last 2 decade. Although in Asian states, Saudi Arabia had good position in B index, but it was faced to downfall in comparison to last years. Whatever, it seems that by attention to their increasing flow of B index in previous year, it will has increase flow in 2019 and 2020. In 2018 Saudi Arabia budget size index was equal to their index in 2000, in result we can say they hadn’t any progress in welfare issues at 2 decades.


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