What’s really the key problem of Iran and USA?

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What’s really the key problem of Iran and USA?

What’s really the key problem of Iran and USA?

What is the key problem between Iran and USA? This question is for that if we cannot explain the problems, then we cannot resolve that. I think that the tension between Iran and USA arising from vacuity, or maybe define of problem between Iran and USA is very hard.

When we review the most important challenges between Iran and USA from last 80 years, they listed some political, security, economical and ideological challenge, which both of them had more biggest confrontation with other countries like that, but at now they have a normal relation with them. I think the listed challenges, which we will listing in following, hasn’t enough potential for current situation between Iran and USA.

Actions against Iran;

  1. Us intervention in Iran political affairs after World War II (like 1953 Iranian coup d’état)
  2. Support of Pahlavi regime before 1979 to Revolution
  3. Support of Saddam regime in Iran-Iraq war
  4. Shoot-down of Iran Air Flight 655
  5. Iran sanctions for many reasons after revolution (like human rights or hostage crisis and etc.)
  6. Dominant behavior of USA

Actions against USA;

  1. Iran hostage crisis (the US embassy)
  2. Attack to us base in Lebanon by Hezbollah
  3. Israel and Existential threat for it

But, what is the matter? Maybe in here we cannot find the key problem between Iran and USA, but I think we can find the reason of continuing confrontation between them. It’s obvious that after collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran filled the ideological enemy place against USA. USA and its allies for managing of internal tensions and escalation their hegemony in the world (especially Middle East) need to pretense. Iran with many of loud sounds can playing this rule, especially when we find out that Iran like this rule for internal and regional activity.

At now, in addition to the recent topic, Iran playing the rule of Russia and China frontline for their confrontation with USA. Iran hope for make alliance with them, but maybe the complexity of economic relations and Iran sanctions lead to other type conclusion. The tensions between Iran and USA can be shifting to normal situation if USA accept that Iran is a country and like any country, has a national interest. In the other side, Iran must accept that cannot see the international events as an ideological paradigm. When Iran left the present position, then USA lose the ideological and profitable enemy. At now it’s not important when they problem began and what is it, at now this is important, why still they challenge continuing? Here, at the present time, their challenge is a profitable events for arms market and also for oil industries and other industries in America. Even maybe for both of them and other regional and non-regional player in the Middle East.

In last year they cannot find the equilibrium point in their interests and make the ideal deal. I think with or without USA, Iran need to economy and USA must make sure with Iran and golden security channel that only Iran can make it in middle east, will can achieve to more profit against confronting with Iran. USA must playing along with Iran as an party, not playing with Iran as a plaything. This is hard, but isn’t impossible. Iran with Persian language and ethnic, along with Shia-theological political system, as a tall wall, will can control and covering many problems which rising from Arabs and Turks country with sunny-theological political system, as a jihadi Maternity Hospital against western civilization.


Maysam Araee Daronkola

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