Professional ropewalker (analysis of Canadian political weight index)

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Professional ropewalker (analysis of Canadian political weight index)

1.We can named Canada as one of the welfare state, which has a very high political weight amount, but most of its weight depended to Canada geopolitics (especially land resources), unlike to most of developed country. in 2018 Canada political weight index equal to 12000, which it is shaped of high LPC (land per capita) and good governmental weight index. Although, their political weight index had decreased flow in last 20 years, but still they have very high value in political weight. Canada has increased flow in population, which from 30 million in 2000, reached to 37 million in 2018. Current flow of population growth, along with stability in governmental weight index lead to decreasing flow of the political weight index in Canada. For stop this situation they need to increase of governmental weight index or population contraction. In 2018, Canada political weight index in comparison to 2000 had 25% Fallen.

2.The important reasons of Canada PW index fallen was:

A: increasing of population amount

B: decreasing of Canadian dollar worth

C: non- contraction policy in national budget

D: Fallen of GDP rate and amount from 2013

E: oil price fluctuation. Near to 20% of Canada export related to crude oil and its related industries. Also the low price of crude oil doesn’t lead to profitability in Shale oil industry

F: non-compliance growth of population, national budget and GDP

G: non-compliance growth in economic factors in comparison to other welfare states

3.The Canada share of GW (governmental weight) in PW body always near to 40% of political weight, which this is not like the most of developed country. They have very stable situation in this field and it seems that they walk carefully on the rope of policy. It’s obvious that they focused their abilities and resources in some place of Canada territory (across the USA border). I think Firstly, this is Raised from nature Force in Canada (frozen land), but at now this are their strategy. Secondly, the notable reason for their low share of GW in PW body depended to their wide territory, not their government ability. Because their governmental weight (government abilities for governance) index has a sort of stability in last years.

4.The LPC (land per capita) in Canada for each people equal to 270 m2, which this is very high amount in comparison to other developed and undeveloped states. this amount on that time will has higher value, which we find out by global warming, most of Canada territory with frozen face ( in last decade) Will has ideal face with enough fresh water for Life. Also, amount of BPL (budget per land) in last decades had increase flow in Canada. In a way that it is from $32 per m2 in 2000 reached to $69 per m2 in 2018. In comparison to 200 it had 115% growth, but in comparison with big point of BPL, which it was $72 in 2013, it has 4.34% downfall. Then, It sounds is that they provide their infrastructure for development and welfare. Also the import basket of Canada proof this claim.

5.We anticipate, by attention to USA new policy in trade with Canada (and also with other countries) and world oil market, in a best situation, they can just save present political weight amount. By current flow of oil price and US- Canada challenge in economy Sector, maybe their PW index fallen not unexpected. They must know that if they cannot control Canadian dollar worth against US dollar, they will lose some part of their weight, especially that they have growing flow in population.


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