Lose-lose game (the trend of China political weight index and USA case)

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Lose-lose game

(the trend of China political weight index and USA case)

1.When we look at the China political weight trends in last 20 years, find out that they are not just growth in economy and politics, at now their Political Weight in a miraculous procedure is Two times bigger than in comparison with 20 years ago and Their political weight in comparison with 2000, increasing about 105%. China PW index in 2000 was equal to 72 and in 2018, it’s reached to 148. Again, I noted that in PW regression we cannot compare countries PW index with other countries and this index (political weight) is an index for analyzing the countries internal elements based on economic and political factors. Then in PW index, any country situation at the present time, only can compare with their last time. In last 20 years China has experienced incremental growth in PW index. Even world economic crisis in 2008, not only had a negative effect on their position, rather after 2008 their growth is faster and bigger than of the past. Their PW index just had a little fluctuate in 2015, which it’s recovered in the years to come.

2.China PW index body has a fantastic detail. Their GW rules and its share in PW body in last 20 years, especially after 2008, had an increased flow. China GW share in PW body in 2000 was 50% of the political weight body, and despite to the increase of population, it reached to 61% in 2018. The growth of governance ability, along with population growth, is not easy but China unlike to most of the Western countries, upgraded own ability. We anticipate that due to the China-USA economic war, current flow will be stop in next year’s and most of china effective response to USA will be focus on the political and security issues.

3.From 2000 till 2018 China population has faced to at least 120 million increase. Parallel to this situation their LPC (Land Per Capita) decline continuously. Then, they needs in raw material increased and will be increase in comparison with last years. It should be noted that the Chinese people life standards in last 20 years, had been raise and with a steep slope will be rising in next years. They need to raw material for achieve to the sustainable development. By attention to their trends on the GW index (governmental weight) and PW index (political weight), their needs in raw material and money at the next 20 years is will be twice of the present time. Also they need to more export in goods and products and everyone know that they need to USA money, which shaped one sixth of China trade, is vital. It seems that the present conflict between USA and china lead to painful consequence for China, especially that China dependency to USA money is bigger than of USA dependency to Chinese goods and service. We anticipate, if china lose own Political weight in next year’s, it is lead to Dealing with USA demands.

4.The outcome of present situation for China is:

A.  Downfall in GDP and national income and so contraction budget

B.  Counter action in economic sector

C.  Highlighting of authority from Chinese governance in confronting with Chinese people

D.  Population contraction and increase of immigration

E.  Leaving of investors

F.  Losing of job opportunities

G.  Define of military and security program by China for USA and USA allies in Asia

H.  Orientalism policies by China


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