It’s crooked, but still established (Analysis of Italy political weight index)

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It’s crooked, but still established (Analysis of Italy political weight index)

1.In 2018 Italy PW index (political weight), that it’s the result of the government’s ability and geopolitical realities, is 202. We must know this index cannot compare with other country PW index and it’s a specific index with unique features for each country. We can compare this index just in time line of each country with their past index number and it’s components.

2.The trend of Italy PW index shown us they had notable fallen (like many of EU country) in their PW index. After 2014 it had increased flow but in comparison with 2001(PW index equal to 202) their political weight decreased 5%.

3.The most reasons for Italian PW fallen or fluctuate is:

A: Tension between USD and euro B: world economic crisis from 2008 C: increase of population amounts D: Lake of growth in budget size as population growth E: Non-compliance of budget and economy growth as welfare state.

4.Italian population contraction from 2014, lead to their PW index growth flow. In fact the LPC (land per capita) stability lead to Italian governance can focus on the development and recovery of political weight. It seems that like the UK or France they sacrifice a part of their potential and ability to survive the EU. But at now, by population contraction, Italy political Society react the reasonable reaction to the political weight decrease. In The next decade Italy will not has a satisfactory situation in human resource. Population contraction at the present time is a reasonable reaction, but in the future it’s not acceptable for development.

5.Coincide of population contraction and GW stability in Italy lead to the political weight growth in Italy. GW index or governmental weight index in last 20 years almost stable around 40 of 100 and, their governmental weight shaping 70% of Italy PW index (it’s good but critical and lead to Dependence on external resources), then if you cannot grow your ability, at least by making it stable, you can save your current situation, and it’s happening for Italian At now. They can only save their governmental weight, but they must know USA new order, china program’s in economy, UK challenge with EU and North Africa affairs, maybe cause their development process.


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