German’s must working on mental element’s of power (analysis of Germany Governmental Weight)

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German’s must working on mental element’s of power(analysis of Germany Governmental Weight)

1.Governmental weight index of Germany in 2018 equal to 44 of 100 and in last 20 years it had mostly growth flow. GW weight in Germany from 2000 to 2008 had declined flow but with on time reaction of population and government in economics sector it was growed up from 2008. In fact they controlled this crisis with population contraction and fundamental conduct in public economy.

2.The reason’s of Germany GW index growth flow (that it seems will continue in next years) shaped of; 1. Population growth has stopped and even collapsed 2. GDP and BPC (budget per capita) growth and even B index (budget size in comparison with welfare state) had grown. They can save their national budget income’s in dollar, not just in euro, and it’s for high export and international trade 3. The Δt growth (governance stability index) and its share in last year’s had growing flow. Germany GW index share in PW index structure was almost between 64-65%. It means that they government potential and ability almost is very bigger than of their geopolitical realities.

3.The German’s economy is highly dependent on foreign export’s and  it’s raised from their ability for knowledge management in industry sector. Then they need’s to raw material for produce and customer for selling and exports. At now we must seat and waiting that who they can use of this situation, when china and USA begin new economic and trade encounter. Germany for save current position and growth need to the new market size, especially when UK interesting to leave EU.

4.Although Germany B index (budget size index) had increased flow in last decade’s, and it’s sign of their distance in economic welfare with welfare state, but the B index shares in GW structure had declined flow until 2008. From 2008, B shares in GW body controlled and with gentle slope had increased flow. At now B share in GW index body is 34%. We must know Germany B index and other component of GW had not big fluctuated and they can save their stability. B share in Germany GW index body is normal but other component of GW index in Germany is not normal situation. They worked excellent in economic sector and must work on policy and democracy as they did in economy and Industry. It is obvious that nobody can buy mental parts of governance and sovereignty.

5.Δt or governance stability index had increased flow in Germany and it has happened for all developed countrie’s. But important matter in Δt is its amount in comparison with other state and its share in the GW body. Germany Δt index is 18 and in comparison with UK and USA and even such EU country it’s low, but in comparison with France, Russia and many of country that had some kind of changing in their political system after WWII, it has a good condition. Also it’s important, Germany Δt shares in GW index has a growth flow and at now it’s equal to 25/5% of GW index structure. In UK it’s 35% and in France it’s 24% of GW. we can say WWII and it’s consequence’s led to this situation. Current political Society and political system must define new Germany political personality in the new world. on that day, Germany can to handle most part of bureaucracy based on governance legitimacy, not money, and changing to political power in the new world with new global player’s. Germany has a long way, but exactly with current situation they are moving to forward.

6.CP or concentration of power almost has a more of 40% share in GW index of Germany. Obviously, when any country has not long age in governance, they must use of more Force and security tools for Society management. In UK share of CP at GW index is 36% and in Russia it’s 57 %.( Italy and France has a same share of CP in GW index like Germany). It’s important that we know this index has not relevant with economic factors and for decline its share, Germany need to cultural and political matter, and also much of patient. Germany political system and governance must save current stability in next decade for achieve to High GW index.


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