A good model for inspiration (Germany political weight index trend)

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A good model for inspiration (Germany political weight index trend) G

1.When we look at the trend of Germany political weight index in last 20 years, their football play skills comes to mind. This expression reason is that in last 20 years, they played the flexible game in policy and economy, which almost led to their political weight, had increased flow. Germany political Society, with three important factors of states structure (population, land and governance), did a logical play. At now Germany political weight equal to 350 and it has 5% growth in comparison with 2000.

2.The shares of governmental weight in political weight that the sign of governance ability in political weight body is equal to 65%. Then we can explain Germany could save own governmental weight trend in last 20 years. The on-time reaction of population (by decline of population) in Germany, that fully harmonized with economic affairs, lead to stay Germany political weight growth after 2010. If Germany population had increased flow at 2008, nevertheless they political weight growth continued.

3.LPC or land per capita in Germany in last 10 years almost was a fixed number.( that’s it is 8 meter per person) this is shown Germany industrial Society instead of population growth, working on their economic growth and Efficiency. But it is obvious German Society has a challenge on the human resource for next decades. Because the present expert population must shifting with new young people and human resource, unless they can always control and save the expert and young people amount by importing of expert or refugee from other countries.

4.Our prospect is that Germany political weight, observantly to the population decline in last 2 years and continuing of it, lead to save of their growth flow in next year.( this position in UK and France is invert type) It seems that the freeze of Germany population and their economic growth rate , lead to more welfare and sustainability in Germany. it seems that they are Going for leadership of Europe and know who playing with old and new economics powers. Because the Germany ability for control of economic crisis is so great and after 2008 economic crisis, they could save their political weight.

5.Focus of Germany on industrial matters and economics section, and also no interest for singing to international Adventures with logical view to population matter, had important rule on their political weight stability.


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