prisoner of freedom and culture (analysis of France governmental weight or GW index)

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prisoner of freedom and culture (analysis of France governmental weight or GW index)

1.The structure and the type of governance in any country is unique phenomena and has a special nature. In each country the nature of government’s power is different with other country. By analysis of governmental weight index (GW index) and political weight index (PW index) in any country we can identify these differences between the countries.

2.Governmental weight index in France almost has increased flow in last 20 years. The reason of this increasing flow, mostly is mental Factor (that shown by Δt) and use of authority (CP or concentration of power). France governmental weight index equal to 42 of 100 and its share in political weight index is 62% of weight in 2018.

3.France for controlling of political weight and governmental weight balance, must playing faster with economical factor against population changes. Unlike the most of country, France population growth hasn’t on time reaction to economic crisis.

4.Free France, without god, must play with nature, people wills and international affairs that all of them is not stable.  So we can say France take many affect from external events that all of this events and situations lead to internal reaction in France. whereas, the most ability of France coming from other place, then other place dictates their intention and situation to the France.

5.Δt index or governance stability index in France has not a good condition, because it’s 16 of 100. We can say France is prisoner of freedom and culture. France history Full of social reform and Revolution and they have many changing in their governance situation. The share of Δt index in France governmental weight index, in comparison with other component, is not much. Δt share in GW index body equal to 25%, whereas this number in UK and USA near to 35% of GW index.

6.The share of budget size index or B index, as the economy column of governmental weight body, equal to 35% of governmental weight index, but in last 20 years it almost has decreasing flow. budget size index in France equal to 47 of 100(23000 dollar per capita), then we can say it’s good number, but it has decline flow and in 2108 in comparison with 2000, its dropped by 11/32%.

7.CP (concentration of power) situation that sign of authority (as a hard) in France, in last 20 years always shaped 43% of GW index weight. we can say almost the 43% of governance ability in France shaped of hard power that in comparison with UK and Germany and most EU country it’s a big number. Maybe the ethnic diversity and complicate social network in France exigence this situation.

8.By decline of budget size index in France, they need use of more force in the next year. So in the next year, the reliance to governments and their legitimacy with use of more authority, make the structure of governance (as the main component of governmental weight index) for control and govern of people. But we must explain again, the France governmental weight index is 42 of 100 and its share in political weight of France political weight, almost equal to 60% of weight. Whereas, this is a good number and has increasing flow, then we can predict a good future for France, but not early and with current policy.


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