red box, red years (the trend of Budget, budget size index and budget per capita in UK)

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red box, red years (the trend of Budget, budget size index and budget per capita in UK)

1.“B” or budget size index was the important Factor that led to UK GW decline. Then we must describe about it and we must know national budget is one of the best tools for understand what kind of crisis and affairs lead to economic fluctuate. Because the governments and population benefit from all aspects of the budget.

2.At first step we must know Budget size index is different with budget per capita amount. Maybe, by observation of numbers of budget per capita, we see its grown in at a year but in comparison with welfare state, its grows is not sufficient.

3.In 2000, bpc (budget per capita) in UK equal to $9,000 and in this year, they budget size index is 43 of 100 at UK (in comparison with best bpc in the world). In 2018, UK bpc equal with $15000 and in fact it’s unchanged in last 8 years. But UK “B” or budget size index, declined to 31/22 of 100 in 2018. So we can say UK B index declined at least 43% in 2018, in comparison with the maximum index in past 20 years (2001) that was equal to 46/25 of 100.

4.UK economy has grown, but not in proportion with welfare state. The economic growth of UK doesn’t match via population growth. (Of course a part of this situation rising from world economic crisis) ●

5.We must now the amount of national budget is not the main factor for describe of political economy. Any reasonable describe about budget quality, must basing on population size of country. Then we must prorate of budget on the population.

6.UK Budget per capita in 2018 equal to $ 15224. This number in Germany is $ 22271. Although we see, this number increasing as much $892 at UK in comparison with 2017, but according the increase of this number in the welfare state, the budget size index in UK unchanged in comparison with 2017.

7.Although, UK national budget in last 20 years has increased flow (in euro it’s double it in last 20 years), But in dollar, UK budget has a high Volatility.(especially in 2008, because of economy crisis that happened in the world and so, for the exchange rate fluctuate of dollars against euro).

8.In fact, although, the UK national budgets in Euro increase 32% in 7 years, but in dollars their budget only increased 7/3%. Even in comparison with 2008, UK budget in dollar has declined. It seems that UK along with other key rule player of EU, pay euro economic sustainability cost against international economy and its crisis. Maybe for this reason, UK would like with going out of EU, decrease this costs.

9.the decline of B or budget size index lead to decrease of welfare and development funds (for management of executive budget) and this is lead to public discontent.


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