Awake lions (UK governmental weight index analysis)

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Awake lions (UK governmental weight index analysis)

1.Governmental weight index show the macro element and structure of power in a country. UK GW index is one of the best and highest indexes in the world. In fact the good cooperation between economic Factors with authority and mental factors led to the situation that UK Experience a strong type of governance.

2.UK GW index in the last 20 years always located top of the 60 (of 100). And almost GW share of PW (Political Weight) index at least 70% of their political weight index. It’s clear that in comparison with 2001, they lose 8% of their weight and at now, GW index standing on 64. Meanwhile, with this number, their situation is good.

3.The minimum index of UK in GW index happened in 2009 and 2010 that is directly relevant to international economic crisis in 2008. But at now they retrieve their weight.

4.Our study shows, with being in the EU, UK will experience a little weight losing by decrease of budget size index, but with BREXIT maybe UK Experience an economic shock in next year. Anyway, UK B index and GW (Governmental Weight) index will have downward trend on next year, but in long-term , this will not harm England.

5.35% of UK GW index in 2018 shaped of authority or concentration of Power that in last decade was increased flow. It’s mean that UK use of more than force and hard power for controlling land and population. But in comparison with undemocratic states it’s good number.

6.In 2018, A less more than 35% of UK GW index, Shaped of mental element or Δt index (Governance stability Index). It’s mean that, UK political system experiencing a Good legitimacy among people and also had a good performance in bureaucracy. The Long age of UK governance, in addition to a good performance of their governments at the history, the sign of good performance for going to the Future and facing with new crisis and affairs.

7.In 2001, %29 and in 2002, %30 of UK GW index Shaped of B index or budget size index, But in 2018 it’s decline to 27% of GW. It’s shown us, the soft power or economic factor rule in governance at UK declined. When in the form of governance of any country, soft power factors decline, that state must fulfilling it with hard power. Then, this type of country use of more authority and that country commitment to democracy, decreasing.


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