UK with EU achieve to what? (UK political weight index analysis)

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UK with EU achieve to what? (UK political weight index analysis)

1.The political weight index of UK Has dropped over the past twenty years. Encounter, a GW index has stable situation but it has not coordinate with geopolitical reality. In fact the main and obvious reason for this event, rising from increasing of population in Great Britain, The euro fluctuates against the dollarو world economic crisis and Some UK Adventures(like war against terrorism). It is exactly obvious that UK could not increase its political weight with EU.

2.All country behavior, intentionally or unintentionally, tends to keep up their political weight or even increasing of it. Population and its rules in the country is very important Factor and the decline of budget per capita or budget size index( in comparison with welfare state), and decline the size of GDP and decreasing of it, lead to complicate situation in the future.

3.In all the time that UK was being with EU, lose its political weight. UK for supply of its needs must run faster and needs much money. Then UK behavior tending to any events that lead to more money in Easy Way. Petroleum, ICT, insurance, cars industry, transport and food industry shaping the important sections of UK international trade. they need the raw materials and cheap energy from Africa and Middle East. It seems that, this is with EU is very difficult. Meanwhile, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Netherlands in past 3 years  Have experienced an upward trend in PW.

4.UK PW index in the last 20 years, was declined at least 20%. This is while, their GW index has declined very lower than of PW index. UK for retrieving the historical rules of itself and provide their needs for resource, has a hard play with members of EU. UK has a strong type of government and EU structure has limited them. Of course they need some EU membership advantages, but for jumping, UK needs opening EU chain from its legs.

5.Population increasing, lead to increase their needs for everything, then in next year and even in next decade, their needs more geographical and economical resource. Thus the low oil price and free international Trade system can help them for meeting the needs. Maybe they need to come back to the history, and take back their traditional rules in the world, which from this way achieve to resource and trade (especially in Asia) but it seems that EU, bounding and limiting their policy. 

6.UK has a strong type of government that analysis of it political weight index, proof at least 75% of their weight forming of GW index or governmental ability(its fantastic). In fact a little part of their political weight formed from the geographical reality that shown by LPC(Land per Capita). ●

7.Europe is main trade partner of UK and after it, Asia and then USA the mostly partner of UK. The main body of UK international trade shaping from produce and trade. UK population has the low tendency for decrease and They needs the job. They comparison themself with other people in the other country( especially with welfare state). if increasing of population and they needing for jobs, do not joining with national revenue increasing, it is lead to people dissatisfaction.

8.The bulk of British political weight dropped from 2001 to 2003, so it is controlled in 2004 and increasing until 2005. hereinafter, from 2005 this indicator was descended until 2010 for 5 continues years. But from 2010 It is stayed around a specific number(235), However in 2001 their weight equal to 298. Then we can say they lose some part of political weight.

9.UK needs industrial actions for making a job in accordance with populations and making the money. But UK has strong challenges for this, which the important type of them is EU and China. In this situation UK cannot playing with some matters that challenge their potentials in policy and economy, and maybe this is the one of the important reason of UK exit from EU in the future.


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