The governance stability index and its impact on the government weight of the Russian Federation

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The state instability or a low index of governance stability shows low ability of the population and government to resolve the political, economic and social crisis.

In countries where the governance stability index is low, states are forced to use more authority in establishing stability.

The Russians have a government with a life of 26 years (1991-2017) and a government stability index 6.79 of 100. This figure for the UK is 83.96 and for the United States – 65.31.

The Russian government stability index in comparison with the rival countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and most of the Western countries is low.

A high index of stability of each country shows the long-term interaction of the population with the government. The long-term coexistence of population and government will lead to political stability, economic stability, regulation of bureaucratic apparatus and cultural stability.

For the past 100 years, Russians saw four different governments. The average life of the Soviet Union, which was the most stable government in Russia in the last 100 years, is less than the average life of one person. The Soviet Union was one of the strongest countries in the world, but its government weight was low. In this case, it is natural that such a government will collapse.

The Russians are trying to compensate for the instability of the government by stability in the structure of the government and invariability of the heads of government.

Stability in the ruling class in Russia has caused a steady increase in government weight.

The revolution of 1917 can be considered a fire, which still has the potential to rage. The Russian population learned from their fathers that instead of reforming the inefficient government, it is necessary to change it. This mood still strongly exists and needs to be corrected.

The low index of stability of the government in Russia has caused that important part of the ability of the population and the government of Russia, instead of spending on development and progress, is spent on consideration of the political and governmental status and the society will suffer many difficulties because of gaining and retaining power in the ruling class.

The growth in the budget per capita and the Russian government stability is not balanced. In particular, the index of budget per capita in 2016 was far from the expected size.

The budget per capita in 2016, at least, would have been 6.8, so that the rational increase in this index of the Russian government weight would be guaranteed in the coming years.

Maynter socials

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