Governance stability Index:

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Δt index or Governance stability Index:

Second component of GW index is Δt (Delta t) index or Governance stability index.  This index explains the age of political system establishment in across the time.  This index calculated with a consensus number, that the treaty of Westphalia is appropriate benchmark for this purpose.  Because the treaty of Westphalia is the beginning of current world system and beginning of present country situation. The treaty of Westphalia signed in 371 (in 1648) years ago and for achieve to Δt, we must find under review country political system age.

In the next step, we must calculate the ratio of political system age with Treaty of Westphalia.  For example the Russia current political age equal to 28 years (After the Soviet dissolution with new political system that don’t like any past political system in Russia). The ratio of 28 to 371, equal with 7.54.  And in comparison with other country it’s not good number. (For example the uk Δt index is 84).

That for Russia in 2018:

And for UK in 2018:

The Δt index as a historical quantity, must study with other component of GW index, like as (B) budget size index and (CP) concentration of power.  In fact the combination of these factors can give us governmental weight index. We must know every political system Regent of a kind of thought about a social, ethnic, politics, economics and cultural interests.  And whatever it age is long, then the possibility of the Intellectuals and people thought changing is low.  And this political system and societies supposed stable.

In fact the age of any country shown us how they can resistance against crisis and unstable factors, and who they interact with land and population as a basic elements of country.  Even the age of country shown us how political system can interact with other country and state. This Factor shown us how the state can be survival.

The age of political system can sign the depth of nation-state concept between the people of land.  And also can sign of people unity and ability of them for facing with historical crisis.  The age of political system can sign of accurate understanding of national interest by people. Our study proof that, all of these have a meaningful relationship with the numbers of ethnical group in the country along the history.  Our studies proof, pure ethnic or a country with a low ethnic group (via superiority of one ethnic) can obtain a good number in Δt index.

The long age of political system in comparison with the Westphalia Treaty shown us that country has a good performance in governance and accuracy.  And they don’t trying for redefine any new place and position in political system. But in the Short age political system, most of the Society power focus on defining new political place and finding good governance system, then this Society pay many political cost for it.  Encounter, the long age political system Focus their power for development, then the concept of national interest in the country with shortage political system is very dump and confusing. In this system everyone fight for self, not for national interests.

Also the age of political system is the important factors for assessment of, that country how making a deep relation with other country.  Our study prove the long age country has a deep relation with other country and also playing as an important player in international relation (like the USA and UK).  Because the shortage country must pay extra cost for making relation, but old country just developing existence relation.

In long age country, people instead of changing political system, learn how solving the problem and correct available defect.  The Δt shows us the high GW index (governmental weight) is not achieving only with high economic income.  This component proof must of the power in countries, depend to mental element and Efficiency of political system.  Mental legitimacy cannot create with money and Stability of political system and Trust of people to it, can decrease the social, political and even economical cost of the state.

Maynter socials