B index or (budget size index):

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B index or (budget size index):

Budget size index that we sign it by B, show us the people share of budget in comparison with best number of budget in index country at the under review year.  By this index we can comparison all country situations in size of national budget.  B index is one of the vital variable of GW index.

The budget in the countries and their normal size of it, must be based on geopolitical and population reality. this index shows us population and government political economy relation.  We cannot take into account the national budget only as an economical quantity.  Because, in all over it, the relation between people and government is obvious.  The national budget explains payment and expense of state for everyone that living in the territory of that State. It is means that the political system how much spend for survival and development of political Society.

our reason for using of budget, as a one of the component in GW index is that, the soft power type of relation and economical relation between people and government is a vital qualitative Factor, and that government can has a good relation with population that, can has a common and key role in people live and  livelihood. when a country has a good management in budget per capita, can increase the economic efficiency of population.  Also budget has in itself, the summary and reflects of cultural, political, livelihood, military, security, judicial and welfare program of the State.

For computing of budget size index, If “b” the mark of National budget and “p” the mark of population, then b/p show us budget per capita. For achieve a common goals, we must change national budget to any of international currency. Maynter use of US dollar for this purpose. Then following function show us bpc:

In next step we must find best BPC in a year, we suppose that this number must possible and better BPC between countries in the world at the under review year.  Because this number is highest and realistic number that any country can achieving to it.  For example Luxembourg in last decade almost in top of the BPC ranks.  Thus in GW index and in budget size index, the basis of B belong to Luxembourg and in a year belong to Norway. (For example it is 43000 us dollar per capita in 2016).

in next step, we catch ratio between any under review country and best budget per capita in the under review year. We mark best budget per capita by “bb” and mark under review country budget per capita by “xb”.  Then by following functions can get B or budget size index.

And if in 2017 Luxembourg BPC equal to 43000 dollar, and xb (for example turkey) country equal to 3300 dollar, then the B index of xb equal to 7/67.

Also we can calculating budget per land in any country and by study of it and comparison of bpl (budget per land) and bpc (with other), finding unbalance zone in any country. Because unbalanced zone, lead to undeveloped land.

For example China for 1m^2  pay 238  dollar and US  pay 359. UK pay 4494 and Canada pay 87 and Russia pay 12 US dollar.  These numbers shown us that you have owner of a little developed land or big undeveloped land.  For this reason, many of big Country trying centralized the budget too crowded land or city.  But in fact this policy lead to formation undeveloped zone on their country and of course this is lead to demographic gap.

All Variable of budget size index changes monthly, but we computing this component yearly.  Comparison between World country by B index, which in itself has a money exchange rate and population fluctuate, maybe one of the most accurate way for political economy analysis. We can say budget of the country and the deficit of it, is the fastest and accurate way for understanding what happened in any estate.

Type and size of the budgets can presentation to us the Country View about the internal and external events.  We can understand who counteries manage any cultural, political, scientific, social and any else matter program.

Also by study of any country budget, we can determine how much of their Revenue and budget, depend to any special goods or service.  For example in oil country determine how much of the budget and GW index and also PW index, depend to petroleum industry.  Because many of country think that many of goods just is an economic tools, and deeply they cannot understand this goods can how much effect on their political situation.

One of the practical ways for best management of budget is increasing of density. Because it’s lead to, upkeep and increase of country infrastructure efficiency.  And if also GDP per capita is lower than of BPC, it’s not a good sign. Our study proof GDP must at least, twice bigger than of BPC.  And if GDP per capita lower than of BPC , in practice we can say this country is broke.

Maybe when it’s happened, rebellion or Revolution is not unexpected.   If this country made up of several ethnically, maybe present situation lead to disintegration of country.  Even if their GDP bigger than of BPC , but that’s country experience unexpected failing in BPC, maybe its lead to deep crisis.

When Government pay budget in low-density place that has not economy justify, this is sign of government activity for creating political legitimacy.  In fact this pay lead to strengthen of CP (concentration of power), not increases of GDP. Population Density leads to people of land going to be like together. Then if LPC is low, it’s lead to state unity and saving BPC.

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