GW index (governmental weight):

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GW index (governmental weight):

GW or governmental weight is an index for explanation of government ability.  GW index as the other type of the PW index, multiples with LPC.  Three components that GW founded by them is:

B: Budget size index

Δt: Governance Sustainability Index

Cp: Concentration of power index

It can also be called the governmental weight, which is obtained from the following formula:

Low GW index can result of corruption (political, Economical, systematic) or don’t use of science or don’t using a human resource.  The countries GW index can comparison with others.  Anyway, the GW index shown us the government ability in the state.  The structure of this index formed and counted of 100.  Then whatever this index nearest to 100, thereupon their ability for working and management is better, especially in politics and economy. We must know GW is not good index for military comparison between states.

The share of GW in the structure of PW index must be at least half of it.  In fact if at least GW shares in PW structure is half of it, then we can estates; this country can use of its geopolitical reality.  For example if the country LPC equal with 20 m^2, GW index share must be in PW index shape half of PW index number. For this purpose we can extract second root of GW index in the structure of PW index. It can be obtaining like follows:

For example, in Britain, if suppose that a political weight equal to 255 and a governing weight is 69.68 and LPC is 3.23,then the share of to LPC (geopolitical realities) in the structure of PW is equal to %23/70 and the share of GW index in the structure of PW equal to % 76/32. This means that the land occupation factor in the formation of political weight is nearly three times lower than of the GW index or governmental weight. As a result, territorial issues and crises do not easily reduce British political weight.

One of the key usages of GW index is that we can find out, who increasing PW and GW index happened and what’s the reason of their decline .  In fact by take third root of GW index we can find important problem of countries and finding that which one of its component are unbalance.  For example we can see the problem of countries belonged to which one of sovereignty or budget size index or mental issues. So, if we find that the problems rise from economy and budget size, then find out how much they need money for solving it.

We must know in the GW index the budget size index is the most variable Factor in comparison with CP and delta T index.  Our studies shown us the share of each component in GW index in different country is very different with others. For example, in Russia CP(authority) has a main rule in GW index. In UK and Germany, B and ∆T has main rule.  In the United States all component rule is very near to with others.

GW whatever is big, but it cannot play out of geopolitical reality. thus, if LPC in a country is very low, then this country trying for recovering it from external resource (from other countries or from others land).  this mean is that any country for keep up or upgrade PW index, inevitably turning to colonialism or aggression. Of course in right way this country inevitably turning and shifting to international trade or foreign investment.  In the present-day WTO system is a legal solution for solving a countries problem with high GW and low LPC.  This reason explained USA and UK behavior in two last centuries.

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